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"There is only one very crucial objective for me to have started our Parsonsprep in this competitive and demanding academic society we live in today.  Amongst all,  that is to be able to provide children with the opportunity to learn to freely question 'everything' and find solutions to problems--by gathering information and using their individual voice, creativity, and instinct, to make a difference in this world we live in.  My role is to feed them with love, passion, and willingness to contribute to our society.  As a headteacher at Parsonsprep, I too am continuously learning and growing, and I believe that with certain effort, many of the world issues we face today can be taken care of from the smallest and tiniest little brains and hearts of the students we teach here at Parsonsprep today.  I look forward to seeing the difference they will make, and the unconventional love they will continue to spread academically.  After many success and failures, I too am only a woman with a massive dream, and I learned that a dream doesn't always necessarily have to be achieved alone.  Dreams come true through patience, learning, and believing in yourself and others. Let's spread the love and knowledge from The Parsons Prep to the heart of Seoul and out to the universe together!"  

Miss Michelle

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